We provide support at every stage of project development, from technical support (conceptual design, geologic and mining consulting services, and detailed engineering) to project management support (procurement and construction management). We support full EPCM projects.

We also specialize in the Aluminum industry.

Metals SOQ

Aluminium SOQ

Metals Experience

  • Mining     
  • Solvent extraction/electrowinning
  • Crushing/Screening
  • Adsorption Desorption Regeneration (ADR)
  • Grinding/milling
  • Material handling
  • Flotation
  • Classification
  • Concentration
  • Storage
  • Thickening/filtering
  • Dust control
  • Pyro-processing
  • Tailings
  • Leaching
  • Product
  • Load outs
  • Recovery

Project Showcases

Material Handling Projects

Barge/Port Loading Projects

Conveyor/Crushing Projects

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