Core Values and Culture

A partner is defined by their values.

We stand firmly behind anything we put our name on. Integrity is at the core of everything we do.

Integrity Means



Attention to Detail

Environmental Responsibility



Our Core Values Are in Our Name

M Methodical Attention to detail and quality control.
I Impact Engineering with morale solutions to reduce environmental impact.
L Leading Edge Engineering designs that are innovative and at the forefront of the latest technology.
L Like-minded We think like, and advocate for, our clients. A solution that works, on time and on budget.
C Collaboration Both internal among our various disciplines of engineering groups and external including our client and other involved contractors.
R Results Engineering with integrity to achieve client results. The client wants to be pleased with our product and we want a satisfied client.
E Effective Quality and accurate engineering design that meets our client needs.
E Economical Cost-effective engineering designs that are on budget.
K Knowledgeable The key to our longevity is an experienced staff with industry experience and expertise to bring our core values to life.

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