Safety and Environmental

Nothing is more important on the job than safety. Our commitment to the wellbeing of employees, contractors, and customers is company culture. We insist on effective and conscientious management and proven, relevant safety and environmental policies and programs.

Because all accidents and incidents are preventable by definition, we promote our culture of zero harm to people, the community, and the environment. Safety and Environment Health begins with a conscience effort of implementation, education, and reinforcement. Millcreek has completed the safety Management Leadership Challenge, part of OSHA’s Safe+Sound 3-In-30 ChallengeThe long-term success of our business and continued relationships with our clients is dependent on our commitment to health and safety as well as to global stewardship. Our commitment of zero harm and zero injuries is driven by company culture, education and engagement of employees, and partnering with customers to make sure HSE programs are fully understood and coordinated.  

Our commitment and vision for health and safety goes beyond our day-to-day tasks and activities. We take a conscious approach to “safety in design,” as we ensure the safety of the operation and maintenance personnel of the plants we design by identifying and mitigating hazards during the design stage. 

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