Plant Performance Improvement / Audits

Many industrial facilities operate past their original design life and experience deterioration in structures, foundations, mechanical equipment, and electrical systems due to wear, fatigue, corrosion, and delayed maintenance.

Millcreek understands the vital steps needed to monitor, plan, and sustain plant operations, extend plant life, reduce costly unplanned outages, and maintain or improve productivity and efficiency.

A continual program of audit, inspection, evaluation, and rejuvenation is essential for safety, maintaining production, controlling operating cost, and achieving profitability goals.

Our plant audit and improvement services include:

  • Process review and troubleshooting
  • Debottlenecking/production increase
  • Spillage and dust control
  • Material handling and mechanical equipment
  • Vibration analysis
  • Electrical, control, and instrumentation
  • Control programming updates
  • Structure/corrosion/ife assessment
  • OSHA/MSHA compliance
  • Hazardous area classifications
  • Breakdown and unplanned outages
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Outage Planning and optimization
  • Economic trade-off studies
  • Rail audits and reports
  • Brownfield retrofits, modifications, and upgrades

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