Power Generation and Utilities

Millcreek designs and builds all aspects of the fuel handling system. We have particular expertise in dust control, transfer chutes, and washdown in PRB coal conversion. We understand the regulatory and environmental issues associated with coal combustion by-products and the proper handling and recycle/disposal of these materials.

Power Generation and Utilities Services

  • Master planning
  • Unit train unloading
  • Overland conveyors
  • Stockpile stacking and reclaiming systems
  • Crushing
  • Fuel blending systems
  • Storage silos
  • Washdown systems
  • Fine particulate reclamation
  • Limestone and gypsum handling systems
  • Gas desulfurization and emission control systems
  • Ash beneficiation
  • Identification of site-specific situations and compliance requirements
  • Carbon in ash removal and recycle
  • Closure and remediation of existing ash ponds
  • Ash and gypsum disposal
  • Conversion to dry ash handling
  • Surface and groundwater monitoring
  • Dust and spillage control
  • Containment and diversions
  • Pond water treatment and mineral extractions

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