Design Services

Custom Design

Design and engineering are essential complimentary services. Millcreek uses the latest in design technology to identify areas to reduce costs, identify design improvement, and bring the project to visual life for our client. It’s part of our best practices to make sure the design reflects the industry standards, code requirements, and the client’s expectations.

3-D Modeling

We use 3-D modeling software to develop our designs. Equipment, structures, piping, electrical, etc. are combined into one model and checked for clearances, maintainability, interferences and constructability.

Virtual Realty

During the modeling process we routinely review and inspect the model for clearances, interferences, and errors. Virtual reality gives us the ability immerse ourselves in the facility and provide a realistic view of the design. Designers and engineers analyze the facility design and make improvements. This tool also helps our clients gain a true appreciation for the scale and detail of the facility.

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