Millcreek designs and delivers liquid and bulk material handling solutions for ports (barge and ship), terminals (truck and rail), ship and marine facilities.

We have specific expertise in supplying large shiploader and stacker/reclaimer equipment used at bulk material ports and terminals.

Port Services

  • Port master planning and strategic development
  • Truck, rail, barge, and ship loading and unloading
  • Bulk material handling systems—conveying, stacking, and reclaiming
  • Tank storage and pumping
  • Crushing and screening
  • Blending
  • Weighing and sampling
  • Marine facilities—pier, wharf, berth, jetty, mooring, anchorage structures, breakwaters, and shore and erosion protection


Project Showcases

Material Handling Projects

Barge/Port Loading Projects

Conveyor/Crushing Projects

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