Conveyor/Crushing Projects

Coal Crushing and Conveying

Millcreek provided detailed engineering services, procurement, and construction management for a run of mine truck dump to truck loadout facility. The project included a 500 ton hopper, 850 tph apron feeder, triple roll crusher, and 300 ton storage silo and truck loadout. The truck dump was added to a new area of the mine which included multiple other projects. Construction management services were provided for the project site.

Ash Handling

Millcreek provided detailed design of a covered two-segment overland conveyor system used to transport 3 million tpy of coal combustion residuals over 7,400 linear feet at 1400 tph from the power plant to the landfill. Feeders, stacking equipment, and transfer points were strategically placed to minimize material handling. Drilled piers supported single leg columns to elevate a portion of the conveyor system to accommodate horizontal and vertical clearances with roadways and rail crossings. A transfer station located along the conveyor path was capable of storing and transferring material. The second leg of the conveying system (3,000 linear feet) was designed to be movable. The conveyor was supported on concrete “sleepers” with a skid mounted head end. The conveyor was designed to be moved every year to allow relocation as cells of the landfill were filled.