Our Phased Project Approach


There’s no mystery in a successful design outcome. Success requires a disciplined process—an algorithm, essentially—that methodically tests every assumption, defines every variable, and validates every decision. Our preferred development process comprises three phases.

Phase 1: Feasibility Engineering

  • Audit the existing facility
  • Generate solution options
  • Develop conceptual designs
  • Create process flow charts
  • Prepare cost estimates
  • Develop preliminary schedules

Phase 2: Detailed Engineering

  • Secure all required permits
  • Complete project design (process, mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, and rail)
  • Develop equipment specifications
  • Prepare fabrication specifications
  • Implement progress reporting schedule
  • Prepare and control project design documentation

Phase 3: Procurement and Construction

  • Develop construction specifications
  • Prepare detailed construction schedules
  • Manage project construction
  • Start-up and commission the completed facility
  • Train the customer operating staff