Truck Dump and Train Loadout

Millcreek Engineering performed a Feasibility Study to determine the optimal solution to deliver limestone from the mine via mine haul trucks to the BNSF main line. Several options where conceptualized and cost estimated to determine the optimal system. Engineering and design included the addition of truck dump with dust stilling shed, feeder, screening station, overland conveyor with highway crossing, rail surge bins, certified weighing, two rail car load-outs and two track sidings. Scope included permitting, electrical, PLC controls, structural, civil and mechanical design along with procurement, construction management and commissioning.

The project consists of:

  • New Haul Road and Site Drainage
  • 100 Ton Truck Dump
  • Drag Chain Feeder
  • Screen Feed Conveyor
  • Vibratory Screen
  • Over-Highway Conveyor
  • Two Product Limestone Storage
  • Two Product Wiegh-feeders
  • Two Product Train Loadout
  • Two New Rail Spurs adjacent to Main Line Rail