Power Generating Company


A southern Illinois power generating company needed a material handling system to deliver coal combustion by-products (fly ash, gypsum sludge, and bottom ash) to an onsite disposal area rather than transporting by road or railroad to an offsite location. Millcreek Engineering provided design services associated with determining a cost-effective material handling system, then performing the detailed design of the system, which consisted of two overland conveyor flights totaling approximately 7,500 feet of conveyor, one variable speed feeder / hopper loading system, one fixed stacker, one radial stacker conveyor and associated transfer stations. The first conveyor receives combustion by-products from an existing linear stacker or from ground storage via front end loader into the hopper / feeder system. The material handling system design rate is 1,400 STPH. Millcreek Engineering provided layout, mechanical, structural, chutework, electrical and control design services.