Conveyors and Feeders

Belt Conveyors and Feeders

Millcreek provided engineering services for the design of two belt conveyors, two high angle flexible wall flight conveyors, five belt feeders, and associated transfer chutes. The belt conveyors and belt feeders were designed to allow the components to fit within 53’ long shipping containers for transportation across the globe.

Millcreek also procured all of the conveyor components and fabricated steel for a complete conveyor package. During fabrication, Millcreek conducted shop inspections of the conveyors to ensure they met our quality standard.

The complete conveyor package included the following engineering design and associated drawings:

  1. Belt conveyor/belt feeder calculations
  2. Conveyor/feeder data sheets
  3. General arrangement/span location drawings
  4. Structural details for stringers, stringer bents, trusses, truss bents, walkways, handrail, ship ladders, and guarding
  5. Belt conveyor and belt feeder foundation loading and support details
  6. Chute work details for skirt boards, head chutes, and transfer chutes
  7. Bill of material for conveyor/feeder components
  8. Bill of material for instruments and switches
  9. Location of instruments and switches